Tuesday, July 12, 2011

BIG mouth!

Yes, we do.  We have big giant mouths in our house.  We can usually deal with the situations pretty good in our house, but when we get out of the house watch out!!!

I (my family too) tend to just tell it like it is.  A lot of times I don’t even think about it before it comes out of my mouth. Want to know a few of the things I’ve done lately?  Let me confess…. I made someone tell me if she was pregnant, told another she had large feet, told a mother of a two year old I didn’t want to hear her baby cry, told another lady she had an ugly table in her yard, told a neighbor she waved to much, told an acquaintance she WOULD like a watch like that, the list could go on and on.  If you know me, you know I will tell you the truth.  A couple friends joked (at least I hoped it was a joke) that they will need Heather rehab!!! I guess that’s one good thing about writing, you can always delete it.  But I can’t delete all those awful things I said.  In fact after I say them it bothers me so much! I think a lot of people do this, maybe not this extreme, but they do it too!  I wonder how much it bothers them.  I have been this way as far back as I can remember!  I have friends from elementary school that still can tell you the awful truths I told them. I often wonder if my truth telling is one of the reasons why I get along so well with children.  They do just the same.  However, that doesn’t make it right.  So, family, friends, neighbors, whoever I am sorry for my big mouth!

James 1:19
... let every person be quick to hear, slow to speak ...

I hope you can all learn from my wrong!

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