Wednesday, December 7, 2011


CHRISTmas is fast approaching and I am doing the usual wait till the last minute shopping.  Really could it be so much fun planning ahead??  If you know me, then you know I might be a tad crazy and unusual and I’m okay with that. However, I think I’m not so out of the ordinary. Plenty of people think CHRISTmas and think, budget, money, running and shopping. You think those things until you are so stressed and all the fun of Christmas is over.  Well, STOP! It’s that simple. If it is stressing you out then simply don’t do the budget, money, running and shopping.  Some of you might say I’m the Grinch (You’re a mean one, Mr. Grinch, you’re a ….la la la). I’m REALLY not trying to be. I just want like so many other CHRISTians for ALL to understand the TRUE meaning!  I honestly get bummed when I find out a family who doesn’t pray, doesn’t attend church (even sometimes), doesn’t be a CHRISTain all year and then wants to celebrate CHRISTmas.  I know I should be happy that they are “putting forth the effort” of CHRISTmas but, gifts, ARE NOT CHRISTmas. We all know the true meaning!  It is powerful to me!  POWERFUL! Jesus was born because I am a sinner!  He was born to save me!  Jesus was born to make all the awful things I do EACH day forgiven!  And guess what, Jesus saved YOU from your sins too!  Yes, YOU! I don’t know how anyone could have CHRISTmas in their home with JUST gifts!  PLEASE share the true meaning of CHRISTmas in your home; it’s a birthday party. Who doesn’t like a birthday party?  
Please open up your Bibles to: Isaiah 9:6


Monday, October 17, 2011

Me and a Tea Cup

When my parents got a divorce I was just nine years old, I had a hard time adjusting to the world.  At that time it wasn’t clear to me why we couldn’t all live together or why my father had left us.  I do remember though, what it did to me. It made me stronger. My mother became a single woman trying to raise 2 children on her own.  It was hard for her and we lost our home and much of our belongings.  We then moved into a small rundown duplex that somehow managed to be on a nicer end of town.  I had noticed at this large red brick house there was a girl about my age who would play outside quite often. So, one day I headed over that way.  She was a beautiful girl whose parents were still married.  For my nine-year-old brain, she was rich! And for her nine-year-old brain I, wasn’t so fortunate.  To us though, it really didn’t matter.  That day we imagined we were in far off lands fighting bad guys, marring prince charming and having tea too.  It was a great day and I still remember it to this day!  After that glorious day, I went over the very next day to ask if she could play.  Her mother answered the door and told me she wasn’t aloud to play with me.  Just like that too. She looked me straight in the eyes and said “Julie is NOT aloud to play with you.” I was shocked and went home and cried.  After the next couple days went by, Julie had found her way to MY doorstep. She gave me a teacup and said “We can have tea with our imaginations, but I have to go before my mom finds out.” So, I sipped tea looking out the window, watching her sit at a table with a few stuffed animals and an empty chair that was meant for me.”  After that day I didn’t see much of Julie anymore, but I was determined not to let my parents lives control mine.  I did not want to be the girl who wasn’t aloud to play with my neighbor because my mom drank too much and my father wasn’t there.
I want you to look at your own children.  Do you want to control who they are friends with based on their parents?  Do you know a child you can offer into your home and be a role model for?  You can change the way that child feels about his/her whole life if you just let them play!
"Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus." Philippians 4:6-7

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Newborn Babies

Picture yourself holding a newborn baby.  You breath in the smell of him, watch him breath and quiver his lips. This makes you happy and feel at peace.  A baby can make any horrible day turn peaceful and calm in instants. Have you ever wondered why? Well, I have and I’m gonna tell you what I think about that!
I believe babies are a gift from God.  He created that little bundle of life for you to raise and to learn from you and you from him.  I think newborn babies have that closeness to God. They know and feel Him more than we do.  They trust Him and fully respect Him.  Babies have no worries, just full and total confidence in our Lord. 
Everybody LOVES a new baby.  There isn’t one thing not to like!  That is how we should feel with God.  You should want to hold Him, be next to Him and not want to give Him up.  I don’t know about you but I NEVER want to pass the baby back to the mother or another friend.  I could hold him all day long.  The baby has a fresh new feeling that I just can’t get enough of.  God has that too.  Everything we love about babies God can give us every day.  I think babies are a reminder from God that he isn’t far from reach.  He is with us, holding us and wants to give us miracles every day.   So, when you are holding that newborn baby you are a little closer to heaven, closer to the grace of God. I love the way I feel when I’m holding a baby and am ever so grateful to have the hands of Jesus on me every day!
"Like newborn babies, crave pure spiritual milk, so that by it you may grow up in your salvation" 1 Peter 2:2 (NIV)

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Dear William

Dear William,
            Today was your first day of kindergarten. You truly are a big boy now. You were at first a little nervous about meeting new friends and teacher, so I held your hand tight as we walked down the hall. I was so proud of you as we walked hand and hand. I wanted everyone to see this beautiful young man we had made. There were many smiling faces as we walked closer to your door. I looked down at you and you up at me. We both smiled for each other, trying to be brave. I could feel the tears wanting to come out, but I held them in. Truthfully, I didn’t want you to go. I know I made such a big deal about going to school and made you believe it was going to be the best place in the world, but I wasn’t ready yet. I wanted to pick you up, take you home and just sit and hold you.  As I held my tears in we came to the door of your classroom. Your teacher greeted us so happily and we found your desk with your very own name on it.  I looked at that desk, thinking about how much time you would be spending there; thinking about how much you will grow in this next year. Another teacher grabed your hand and found your book bag hook, and helped you hang it up. I stood there helpless and watched my little boy start his life.  You sat down at that desk and started playing with green blocks. I could tell you felt at home and you were going to be just fine. I on the other hand had a lot of empty feelings inside. I hugged and kissed you and said my goodbyes, and had to hurry out of the room, as I could no longer hold back the tears. They poured out.  Tears fell one by one as I thought about all the things I hoped. I hoped I did okay to this point with you. I hoped I taught you good manners. I hoped I read enough books to you. I hoped I spent enough time with you. I hoped I laughed enough with you. And the list just kept going on and on, over and over.  I cried throughout the day, missing you so much. Wondering what you had been doing at the moment I was thinking it.  It was so hard to just handing you over and hope!  So, when it was time to pick you up, I got so excited. I was there 15 minutes to early, but I waited. The teacher had said she was going to bring the class outside, so I just waited. I waited for my boy to come out.  It seemed like days before you finally came out and there you were. I wanted to run to you, but I decided a fast walk might be better, I didn’t want to embarrass you to much, after all I did just cry my eyes out dropping you off. As I walked up to you, I could tell you had a great day. You were talking to some friends and had a big smile on your face.  We hugged and I walked, proudly holding your hand again, just like I never left you!  You told me about your new friends and all the fun things you did that day all the way home.  That’s when I knew it was going to be just fine.
            I want to thank you, William. Thank you for teaching me to be the best mom I can be!  Not to take everyday moments for granted, because soon they will be gone.  I want to thank you for making me realize that I can never be to busy for the ones who will soon be too big to be by my side all the time! Thank you!
            I love you more than life itself,
            Your mother

Sunday, August 14, 2011

When your battery is low…. Rev it up!

One night last week I parked my van out in the driveway over night. I needed to move it because Levi wanted to ride his bike in the driveway the next afternoon.  As I turned the keys all I got was a clicking noise.  Ah man!!!! Russ had me turn on the lights, they worked, and so, he concluded it was not the battery.  Then he went on his way to work. HA! Well, the only mechanical skills I have I had just learned a few months back and that was how to change the rear break light (I was so proud of myself when I did that. If you need a lesson in that skill just give me a call.)  I learned how to do that on yahoo, so I went back to my “teacher”. My teacher told me that the clicking noise was the battery.  The one thing Russ said it wasn’t.  So, I called him up on the phone, kind of like I was the mechanic calling my client “Well, I think it’s the battery” I said to him.  “Oh yeah” he said back to me, “How did you find that out?” he asked “Well, that’s what my teacher said, Yahoo.” I told him, so sure and proud I found what was wrong. “That’s what Tom said too,” Russ said back. Tom is “the mechanic” Russ works with, you know, the kind of guy who can fix just about anything.  “I’ll be home to fix it” he assured me. Hhmmm. I thought.  This could get interesting.  When he arrived he didn’t let me know, but when I found him outside he had open his truck manual and was reading the roadside emergency section.  He had also brought the jumper cables from work because we do not own any. (By the way doesn’t everyone own a pair of these?) He said “Well, I’m gonna need your help. Do you see a metal piece that’s not hooked to the gas tank?”  I took a look under the hood of my van; lots of interesting thoughts were going through my head.  This was actually a time when I kept them all to myself (hard to believe I know) I just said. “No, are you sure you want to do this.” He ignored this question and kept looking.  Just when I thought he was going to forget the idea he called Tom. “Where’s the metal piece I attach the yellow one to?..... Oh, ya, you don’t have to, ah. Okay, are you sure….. Oh?  Oh, there. That’s okay to do? You’re sure.  Thanks.” He grabs the jumpers and holds them so far apart and says to me “stand back”. So I head to the garage. “No come back” he said “I need you to hold this end.” I was kind of scared, after all he did just tell me to stand back, but I held what he told me to.  Then he attached some more of the parts while reading the manual instructions.  “Now you can go in the garage,” he told me.  So I went back in as he started the truck.  It turned on without any thing blowing up!!! I was so glad! “Okay, good” he said with a smile on his face, now, go start the van.” So, I walked to the van saying a little prayer, got in and turned the key. IT WORKED! I was so happy I clapped, smiled and did a little jig! Russ said, “Well, I just saved us 60 bucks! Rev her up!” I pushed on the pedal to hear the roar of the van. My van was working again!  
My van brought me to the Women of Faith Conference the next day, where I too reved up my faith in God. I know it was always there; sometimes a girl just needs a boost! What does it take for you to get that boost?  Do you need someone to help jump-start, call a friend or join a group.  Do you need to dust off your manual and read it, open the Bible! God has great plans just for you, once you get excited about the plans He has for you, His work will begin in YOU! I encourage you to get excited!

Monday, August 1, 2011

A Host in Heaven

Being a hostess really is a good time.  I love having people at my home and playing hostess. I have learned through the past couple months that it is okay to host a gathering even when your house is a mess! Infact, I learned most recently that there really shouldn’t be any other way! Why was it before I’ve always thought Oh, no… people are coming over I’ve got to clean every corner of my house. Why? We all know after everyone leaves it is going to be even more a mess then it was when you started cleaning the day before. So, I gave that a try this past weekend. I just picked up some things here and there but for the most part didn’t do a lot of cleaning. I was a little more relaxed and didn’t care so much that little wet feet were running on the newly moped floor or that sand was getting EVERYWHERE. It was fine. It was great to see my own children enjoy sharing all their toys and greeting the guests too. Children get so excited when they know their friends are coming over to play! We counted down the day to our beach party every day that week.  They had such a wonderful time that day and are still talking about it two days later! I wondered what Ivan thought as he looked down at this fabulous time we were having.  He would have been two this July and I’m sure he would have been creating lots of messes of his own. Instead he gets to greet all the newcomers into Heaven and be a host himself! It is in honor of Ivan James Hrouda I celebrate the month of July! I looked forward to having a gathering with all of you in Heaven with my son Ivan! I bet I won’t even have to worry about cleaning!!!
John 3:16 For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Clean out your purse!

I finally did it! I cleaned out my giant saddlebag purse. When did I found TONS of trash and junk that I had forgotten.  It was kind of fun looking at grocery lists clear back from October.  It reminded me of what I was doing at that time.  I filled an entire grocery bag full of things I didn’t need anymore!  I can’t believe I was carrying around all that JUNK! With three kids it really doesn’t take long to have an entire restaurant, pharmacy and clothing department all in one bag! So, as I cleared out these items I noticed some of my stock was missing.  I put in some more band aides and a different lotion, and then made sure it was all more organized in different pockets.  And that was that.  It really didn’t take long and I wondered to myself why I hadn’t found time to do it sooner. 
Later that day I was helping with some children and one of them had fallen and scraped their knee.  I was so proud to know exactly were I could find that band aide!  I then was sitting next to a lady who was going through her purse like mad and asked me if I had lotion. I smiled, and it only took me a second to hand it over!
“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”  (Jeremiah 29:11)
You see I wasn’t just anywhere; I was helping our church with vacation Bible school!  I truly feel that God was letting me know I was in the right place at the right time!  He prepared me earlier in the day so that I could have that honor in helping others! It is something I enjoy doing and it makes me feel wonderful!
So, I challenge you to clean out your purse too!  What things can you get ride of and clean up in your life to help you on your path. The path God wants you on, because when you are there, you’ll know it!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

BIG mouth!

Yes, we do.  We have big giant mouths in our house.  We can usually deal with the situations pretty good in our house, but when we get out of the house watch out!!!

I (my family too) tend to just tell it like it is.  A lot of times I don’t even think about it before it comes out of my mouth. Want to know a few of the things I’ve done lately?  Let me confess…. I made someone tell me if she was pregnant, told another she had large feet, told a mother of a two year old I didn’t want to hear her baby cry, told another lady she had an ugly table in her yard, told a neighbor she waved to much, told an acquaintance she WOULD like a watch like that, the list could go on and on.  If you know me, you know I will tell you the truth.  A couple friends joked (at least I hoped it was a joke) that they will need Heather rehab!!! I guess that’s one good thing about writing, you can always delete it.  But I can’t delete all those awful things I said.  In fact after I say them it bothers me so much! I think a lot of people do this, maybe not this extreme, but they do it too!  I wonder how much it bothers them.  I have been this way as far back as I can remember!  I have friends from elementary school that still can tell you the awful truths I told them. I often wonder if my truth telling is one of the reasons why I get along so well with children.  They do just the same.  However, that doesn’t make it right.  So, family, friends, neighbors, whoever I am sorry for my big mouth!

James 1:19
... let every person be quick to hear, slow to speak ...

I hope you can all learn from my wrong!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Dandelions, sticks and mud....

I went on a nature walk with around 30 kids this morning.  It was supposed to be my job to keep the children on the trail and make sure the kids could find special items along the way and put them into their paper sacks. All the children were excited to go on this adventure!  I, on the other hand, couldn’t quite figure out why so many would be so happy to walk along a SIDEWALK and find things. These children were wonderful; they looked “outside the box” or the sidewalk to find their gems of nature.  One child took my hand and led me to a tree with leaves on it that even I thought were huge. We folded it and put it in his bag.  Another child was excited to see some bark had fallen off the tree. She rubbed her fingers along the rough spots and then handed it to me to feel too.  As I felt the bark she pointed out to me all the colors on it.  It didn’t take me to long before I wished I had a bag of my own.  The children found beauty in everything.  Things that I look beyond everyday!  Dandelions, sticks, grass, rocks, mud and the list could go on forever. Infact everything to them, had a perfect beauty.  Those children will never know that it was my lesson this morning. It was my job to make sure they found special items, but they didn’t need any help, I did! I will never see the world as I had before.  I love working with children, they bring you a little closer to the Lord everyday!

“Blessed are pure in heart, for they will see God.” – Matthew 5:8

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

This is for my friend who ALWAYS puts others first….

I had a friend ask me to write another blog…I was surprised, but I thought about this friend and what I could write to help her along, here is what I came up with.

2 Chronicles 15:7
But as for you, be strong and do not give up, for your work will be rewarded.

I have always admired those who could run long distances.  Some people just seemed to have the ability to do so.  I had REALLY admired those who could do a marathon.  It REALLY sounds cool to me when someone says “Oh, I ran a marathon just last week and beat my time from last year”. Girls would just say that like it was no big deal. Well, I wanted to be that person too!  So, I started running. 
Man, at first I couldn’t even run a mile. NOT ONE MILE!!! I couldn’t stand to listen to myself breath so I turned up the ipod. I couldn’t get out of my mind how much farther I HAD to go.  It was a struggle to get there.  Keep in mind before this I had NO running experience at all.  I got some e-mails and ran some with a group from the Y. Well, now after much running and some more running I have trained myself to run the half marathon in Norfolk on June 18. Now, I’m no racer, but I know I can make it that far and that was my challenge in the beginning.  The funny thing is, I LOVE running now. I don’t listen to any music, I just run.  That one mile that was so hard to do in the beginning is easier now and I can go so much farther.
I have met up with some REAL racers for some long distances runs.  It just takes a few minutes and this group is nowhere in sight! I’m left there on my own to figure out the path we had previously sketched out in our minds. I kept up my rather slow pace, enjoying the quite neighborhood. About 20 minutes later I heard “the fast group” coming from behind me and was wondering how this happened. I ran a little faster, the feeling of “the fast group” BEHIND me was great! For that second, I felt like a fast runner and it was great for that second…then they past me! After they were ahead of me, someone shouted back to me that they had actually took the wrong path. I just kept on running and at this point in my training even walking a little, but I finished.  My two legs took me the same distance as “the fast group” just so much slower. I enjoyed telling people later that day for a little while I was ahead. 
So, to my friend who doesn’t need advice but will get it anyway from me. It’s ok to put other first; in fact it is the way God intended. They may even need you to show them the right path!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Give thanks to the LORD

First of all I would like to say thanks for reading this. I’m not much of a writer (or speller for that matter), but I do have this vibe to write every now and then, so I thought I’d try it. After all, the Lord is my strength where I am weak, right!!!

1 Chronicles 16:8
Give thanks to the LORD, call on his name; make known among the nations what he has done.

I am feeling a little OVER blessed today. Do you ever have those days too? Thank you Lord for our wonderful family, friends and all that you have given us today and everyday!

Let me tell you a little bit about our family.  Russ and I got married in August of 2004, right after we both graduated from Wayne State College. 
It wasn’t long after that that we found out we were pregnant with our first-born. William (name coming from my madden name and Russ’s middle name was born in early January 2006 just missing our tax break! We were excited to have him, although I was a little nervous he was an easy (and is) child to take of.  In fact I began wondering soon after why some women didn’t want more than just one because it was just so much fun taking care of him.  Wasn’t long after that thought that I became pregnant with our second child.  Levi (this was the name of all my boy dolls growing up) was born in May of 2007.  The boys are now BFF’s and I love that they can play (and fight) so well together! I was still hoping for that girl and so we decided to try one more time.  That pregnancy didn’t go so well and we had a stillbirth in the 20th week. Ivan James (this was the name Russ had picked out within the first couple weeks of pregnancy, James was his Grandpas name and just seemed fitting now that Ivan was with his great grandpa). It was meant to be. This took place March of 2009.  Trying to fill my heartbreak we got pregnant once more and had our baby girl Faith Kathleen in January 2010. Her first name needs no explanation and her middle is my mothers first. I remember my mother-in law saying to me after she was born…Heather, you gave birth twice in one year!  All I can say is… I guess we have to go out with a bang right!??
While I was pregnant with Faith Russ and I had decided to purchase a lot and build our dream home. I can remember while we were in college and we filled out some book that Oprah had said if you planned on getting married you should read this together… I made Russ sit down and do it with me once.  Anyway, in this book it had asked what your future goals were and one of Russ’s was to own a house on lake before he was 30. Well, we moved in at the end of October and Russ turned 30 in May. I’m not sure why everyone thinks building a house together is a death to your marriage, Russ and I enjoyed picking things out and working together to create a place for our family to grow and build memories.  My brother-in-law worked as our contractor and did a fabulous job. He did a great job of playing the role of “finding a middle” . He also was wonderful at being so kind with my wild imagination!!!  I remember bringing him magazine spreads and making up ways he had never heard of doing things.  Really though, the house looks beyond our wildest dreams! It sort of has a rustic feel to it!
Russ works at a small door company in town. He works very hard and hardly ever takes vacation so when he does take an afternoon off I get excited to spend that time with him.  This was his first job out of college and he his fantastic at what he does. Without all his hard work we would not have the many blessing we have today!  God works though him in many ways to help us along everyday!
I am mainly a stay at home mom.  I like to spend my time with the kids and learn form them the way life should be enjoyed.    I like to help out at a fitness centers daycare a couple times a week and enjoy teaching swim lessons in the winter months. But mainly my heart was designed to be a mother and just absorb the love children have in their hearts.
Yes, we are truly overwhelmed with blessings!