Sunday, August 14, 2011

When your battery is low…. Rev it up!

One night last week I parked my van out in the driveway over night. I needed to move it because Levi wanted to ride his bike in the driveway the next afternoon.  As I turned the keys all I got was a clicking noise.  Ah man!!!! Russ had me turn on the lights, they worked, and so, he concluded it was not the battery.  Then he went on his way to work. HA! Well, the only mechanical skills I have I had just learned a few months back and that was how to change the rear break light (I was so proud of myself when I did that. If you need a lesson in that skill just give me a call.)  I learned how to do that on yahoo, so I went back to my “teacher”. My teacher told me that the clicking noise was the battery.  The one thing Russ said it wasn’t.  So, I called him up on the phone, kind of like I was the mechanic calling my client “Well, I think it’s the battery” I said to him.  “Oh yeah” he said back to me, “How did you find that out?” he asked “Well, that’s what my teacher said, Yahoo.” I told him, so sure and proud I found what was wrong. “That’s what Tom said too,” Russ said back. Tom is “the mechanic” Russ works with, you know, the kind of guy who can fix just about anything.  “I’ll be home to fix it” he assured me. Hhmmm. I thought.  This could get interesting.  When he arrived he didn’t let me know, but when I found him outside he had open his truck manual and was reading the roadside emergency section.  He had also brought the jumper cables from work because we do not own any. (By the way doesn’t everyone own a pair of these?) He said “Well, I’m gonna need your help. Do you see a metal piece that’s not hooked to the gas tank?”  I took a look under the hood of my van; lots of interesting thoughts were going through my head.  This was actually a time when I kept them all to myself (hard to believe I know) I just said. “No, are you sure you want to do this.” He ignored this question and kept looking.  Just when I thought he was going to forget the idea he called Tom. “Where’s the metal piece I attach the yellow one to?..... Oh, ya, you don’t have to, ah. Okay, are you sure….. Oh?  Oh, there. That’s okay to do? You’re sure.  Thanks.” He grabs the jumpers and holds them so far apart and says to me “stand back”. So I head to the garage. “No come back” he said “I need you to hold this end.” I was kind of scared, after all he did just tell me to stand back, but I held what he told me to.  Then he attached some more of the parts while reading the manual instructions.  “Now you can go in the garage,” he told me.  So I went back in as he started the truck.  It turned on without any thing blowing up!!! I was so glad! “Okay, good” he said with a smile on his face, now, go start the van.” So, I walked to the van saying a little prayer, got in and turned the key. IT WORKED! I was so happy I clapped, smiled and did a little jig! Russ said, “Well, I just saved us 60 bucks! Rev her up!” I pushed on the pedal to hear the roar of the van. My van was working again!  
My van brought me to the Women of Faith Conference the next day, where I too reved up my faith in God. I know it was always there; sometimes a girl just needs a boost! What does it take for you to get that boost?  Do you need someone to help jump-start, call a friend or join a group.  Do you need to dust off your manual and read it, open the Bible! God has great plans just for you, once you get excited about the plans He has for you, His work will begin in YOU! I encourage you to get excited!

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